When We Do What We Do!

Consistency Creates Potency: Our Schedule

And an invitation! Please skip ahead to Sunday to find yours!

Daily: Morning Meditation, 9:15am. A reading, mindful meditation, and group reflection.

Daily: Evening Conscience Group 9:00pm. A review of the day by examining what we need to make
right, and why we’re grateful for our lives.

Alternating Weekdays: Communication Arts Program for Summer 2019 (more info soon).

Monday Afternoon: House Meeting.

Monday: Dylan Stockman’s Culinary Life Arts Program (a Nutritious Dining Entrepreneur & Sustainable Food Educator).

Tuesday: 9:30am, Mindfulness Guidance in Body & Spirit with Anthony Antonecchia (Yoga & Calisthenics)

Wednesday: Group Psychotherapy, 5:30pm with Tricia Osterberger LCAS CCS LCSW-A, this group is full of laughter and introspection.

Thursday: Recovery Studies (it’s all in your head), 2:00pm with our in-house Neuroscientist (among many other things) Dr. Lach Franquemont.
This will often compliment our Neurofeedback Research studies.

Friday, Community Dinner. Additional Community activities as planned.

Saturday: Mindfulness Hike, 11:30am. Wilderness Guide and Recovery Trailblazing as a Team where all bodies and minds didn’t think possible.

Sunday: Rat’s Nest Open Meeting, 6:00pm. As with any group, the name is a part of tradition.This one goes way back.
This blended NA, AA, & CODA meeting is open to sponsors, allies, and the Recovery Community. You are invited! Just give us a call first.