When We Do What We Do!

Consistency Creates Potency: Our Schedule

NOTE: Due to the dynamic nature of our community and those we ally with, some events will change (with notice).

Daily: Morning Meditation, 9:15am. A reading, mindful meditation, and group reflection.

Daily: Evening Conscience Group 9:15pm. A review of the day by examining what we need to make right, and why we’re grateful for our lives.

Daily: In-House Recovery Meeting (book study, meditation, topical, or Cross-Country Zoom-a-Thon)

Daily: Check off personal chore/tasks by evening.

Daily Attend area recovery meetings; new Members “90 in 90,” seasoned Members per personal schedule.

Weekly: In house activity groups (table games for community bonding)

Weekly: Community-based service commitments check (volunteering, networking, H&I)

Weekly: Meet with Program Founder for deep dive.

Weekly: Discussion/Book study groups, in-house

Weekly: Series of periodic psychoeducational training or guidance seminars led by Program Founder

Saturday: Mindfulness Hikes or outdoor recreation as seasonally appropriate.

Sunday: House-wide deep clean.

Sunday: Rat’s Nest Open Meeting, 6:00pm. As with any group, the name is a part of tradition. This one goes way back.
This blended NA, AA, & CODA meeting is open to sponsors, allies, and the Recovery Community. You are invited! Just give us a call first.