How We Live

Abstract rendering of our Morning Meditation.

Structured Sober Living: Your Life In A Day

Here is a quick overview of our daily life. Naturally, times and activities will vary, but only slightly. We find that a consistent and dependable pace promotes more inner peace, motivation, and program investment. Not all program elements are included for the sake of simplicity (such as YMCA gym work outs, one-on-one supportive counseling, and spontaneous group fun!). Importantly… not all activities are attended at all times, especially as the Members become oriented. We offer a “cafeteria” style approach where choice is in the hands of the Members, so he can discover for himself what works best for his own program of discovery and transformation. Also, we leave plenty of open space where there is room for a Member to decide how to use his time, or ask for help in doing so. Teaching time management- in real time!

The Greater The Effort The Greater The Reward

We use a tiered system to both track and encourage member participation in various aspects of the program. Members are both individually encouraged and supported by the group to do well. Members earn public commendations and, if needed warnings. Three of either of these equal a reward/demerit. If a Member earns a demerit, they can reverse it by doing something demonstrably good for the community around us- and thus- for himself. And if the whole house earns a commendation for the week… a special activity awaits! We must have “hard and fast” rules to ensure community cohesion. We’d much rather focus on the good things that we can earn together by doing the first right thing (always catch ’em doing something good!).

Consistency, With Room To Breathe

We wake up as the sun rises over the slopes of the Blue Ridge mountains, and we begin with a morning meditation at 9:15. Seeking the “still small voice” while focusing on the day’s reading, we recognize that meditation doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and lead a variety of different meditative exercises while the brain awakens. After this contemplative space, we plan our day, taking note of appointments, preferred meeting venues, work/school schedules, and work assignments to be done on our properties. Television/video streaming, gaming, and other forms of recreational technology are powered down from 11-4pm during the week. Newer members will be focusing on finding their “niche” in a supportive manner, whether it’s vocational pursuits, education, or ongoing community-based treatment. Dinners are preferably home-based, cooking together and learning from each other. We have two Community Dinners per week, and we welcome Alumni, Sponsors, and other Allies to join us. Our evenings have a regular check-in or structured meeting. Drug and Alcohol Screening is random, and weighted per history.

During the first four weeks of a Member’s stay, they are expected to attend all of our scheduled activities, these are among the greatest values of what we offer. After this mandatory attendance period, they choose “cafeteria style” a certain number of offered activities which will then become a part of their individualized weekly schedule. Certain aspects of our Program Schedule remain mandatory for group cohesion, while allowing for choice elsewhere, giving the Member a sense of ownership. The days can vary, see our general schedule here.