Thank You For Transforming With Us!

Mission Accomplished… We Lived Fully!

With a wing and a prayer, on Groundhog’s Day in 2016 we scaled a literal and figurative mountain with brave souls and after nine and a half business years, it’s time for the phoenix to do what is always does. Transform.
Firebird Transformations is no longer accepting new Members, and will close effective 15 August 2024. 

We are creating an informal network of support to continue to build of the gains of alumni and allow for their continued growth. Rat’s Nest Sunday Night Meetings will continue in some form, likely over Zoom and in person (remember: “we do the things that suck now so that life isn’t sucked out of us later”). Alumni & family should continue to watch this space for updates.

Later in 2024, consulting in placement for aftercare services for all treatment needs and modalities will be offered.

Until then, the light will always be left on. It’s not in a physical place, it’s in a deed. It’s in each other.
It’s in you.