Firebird Testimonials: Successful Sober Living In Asheville

Successful Sober Living Testimonials

Their Own Words: Families, Members & Alumni

sober living testimonials

“Firebird Transformations was the perfect transition back into society. I learned and grew immensely there and will never forget that time of my life. Thanks for the opportunity to learn, live and grow with the greatest support team.”
– C, Alumni

“Firebird has had a profound effect on our grandson. He is more centered, more confident, more productive, more honest, more humble – and happier. Their individualized and compassionately accountable approach to teaching these young men is effective and transformative. I highly recommend this program for young men searching for a better way to live. And I will be forever grateful.”
– K, Grandmother

“Firebird, their staff and their programs were a lifesaver for my son who just completed his journey there! He is a more confident and engaged person. So very excited for the new chapter in his life. Can’t wait to see where he goes and all he does! Thank you all so very much!”
– D, Father

“It’s been close to one year since my son became a part of the Firebird family.  The support and guidance he has received has been nothing short of life-changing.  Make that life-saving.  Firebird Transformations offers not only a safe environment for ongoing recovery, but also the coaching and accountability to enable young men to grow, build self-esteem, and regain their health.  My son is well on his way to becoming independent.  He now has the confidence to succeed a with a positive attitude and outlook on life.  Firebird Transformations is just that – transformative.”
– P, Father

This place has saved my son’s life. The staff takes an individualized approach for each person. All aspects of living are examined in order for the individual to experience growth and improvements.”
– K, Mother

“Firebird has changed my life, I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff and community.”
– J, Member

“Thanks so much to Jay and everyone at Firebird for providing me the much needed support to make changes in my life. Honestly, don’t know if I could of done this anywhere else.”
– C, Alumni

“The Firebird program offered our son a safe haven as he learned how to live sober. It is a tight-knit community of love and support, dedicated to helping each individual heal from the inside out. Would highly recommend!”
– N & A, Parents

Firebird is my most progressive experience in rehabilitation. An understanding approach with a stern backbone to support recovery. It proves you can have fun while maintaining something as serious as your sobriety.”
– J, Alumni

“Based on the transformation of my son while in the care of the Firebird staff, I feel very confident recommending them to any man in need of their services. They were truly a gift from God for our family at a time when we didn’t know where to turn.”
– K, Mother

Without your support, I couldn’t imagine how I’d move forward.
– J, Member

“I can’t tell you how much peace this gives us. I truly know that God put you in our lives to help our son find his purpose.”
– A, Mother

“My son came to Firebird Transformations sober, but unsure of himself and with atrophied life skills. Jay and his staff were instrumental in restoring his confidence and independent living abilities. My son is still sober and continues to work on those skills.”
– C, Father

“Firebird Transformations is a loving, kind oasis for men who are in great need of such. I have seen my son grow and develop in ways that I thought were not possible.”
– J, Father

“I’ve seen my son grow and mature, become more engaged with life and his self-esteem has risen. And he has embraced a sober life-style. There is still work to be done, however, which is why I’m so excited that he’ll be able to continue his journey through Firebird Transformations. Nothing is more important to me than my son’s wellbeing and I believe wholeheartedly that he is in the right program with the right people. I see the transformation taking place and I am hopeful for the future!”
– N, Mother

I have not yet encountered a thought that has removed hope.” – M, Alumni

“I was impressed with my son and the work he is putting in to make this transformation successful.  Thanks for all your doing to help him achieve this.”
– R, Father 

What a hopeful presence Firebird is in this beautiful gift of recovery from such a threatening disease of addiction!”
– K, Mother