Who We Are

Firebird Transformation’s Sober Living Staff & Consultants Greatly Enrich Our Daily Lives


CEO and Founding Developer
Jay Joslin QMHP QSAP
Getting fired from a chicken shack in 1998, was one of the greatest “strange gifts” ever given to me. No one likes getting the boot, but in hindsight, the opportunity was an open door to following my passions; starting Human Service work. A colleague estimated today that in those 20 years I’ve probably worked with over a thousand individuals, the bulk of which were struggling with Addiction and Mental Illness. Mindblowing! I remember the stories, the baby steps and the quantum leaps. Of course, you can’t win them all, that’s where grace comes in- in accepting gracious servanthood. In 2015, my spiritual community of 20 years recognized in me something that only grew through my process of healing, 21 years of recovery, and at long last, owning my strength. Being charged with the responsibility of Ministry affirms my belief that transformation of some sort is the only relentless constant that all humans can agree on, and it’s the signature on the contract of life, like it or not. I am also a Volunteer Chaplain for a neighboring county’s EMS Squad, with CISM training (Critical Incident Stress Management, a curriculum developed to manage reactions to multi-scale crises for agencies and the public). For fun, I love photography, writing, and tilting at windmills.As a professional in the Mental Health/Substance Abuse field, I jokingly call myself an “antique.” I’ve worked for almost a decade in a clinical-medical crisis role, while also having the opportunity to serve at-risk youth, their families, and prior to that in the foster/adoptive system, and at-risk youth intervention. In the world of addiction and recovery, I’ve worked hard to gain ethical and progressive clout in regional professional networks, and am unafraid to speak out for what’s right, not what gets contracts. It all comes down to this one simple thing: walking your talk, and that elusive and hard-to-learn skill: owning your (rightly used) power. It’s an honor to serve in all the ways I have, worth every ounce of effort it’s taken to get here. I hope that I can continue to serve, and maybe travel into Space. It’s never too late… right? 


Lead Clinical Support Provider  
Tricia Osterberger LCAS, CCS, LCSWA

Tricia received her Master of Social Work from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She has worked in the area of mental health and substance for the past fourteen years. She has extensive experience working with the complex issues of early recovery, facilitating family healing, and using experiential therapies to facilitate therapeutic breakthrough. She is passionate about supporting people to move through the bondage of addiction into the freedom of a life of recovery.


Life Skills and Operations Director
David Carmean, PP

David joins us in the best possible way- he began his journey with FIREBIRD as a hopeful Member, and left us as an inspiration. His strength is reflected by a down to Earth, mellow presentation with a warm and friendly wisdom that cools jets and expands minds. He has a very practical approach to problem solving, and gives space for our Members to think themselves through solutions with patient guidance. His story is very inspiring, and gives our Members hope that they can rise, just like him. While he provides daily “in the trenches” support, David also is a part of our Networking and Outreach Team, representing FIREBIRD at regional functions and reaching out to get to know fellow collaborators in the cause.


Relapse Prevention and Outreach Director
Matt Stone, AP

A skilled Wilderness Guide and Veteran, Matt brings with him a strong sense of leadership, accountability, and… outright goofiness. Matt brings out the importance of Firebird’s ethos that “Sober Living doesn’t have to be Somber Living!” Matt enjoys mixing his wilderness skills with his guidance through the Firebird curriculum by motivating the Members through camping experiences or encouraging insight on a rigorous hike. He is deeply immersed in the recovery culture, both in the traditional and emerging modalities. He loves a cuddle with Anamchara the Therapeutic Feline, and a solid game of chess. Matt also has a great depth of experience in the admissions and outreach process, making him the perfect man for the job in Alumni aftercare and followup.


Innovation and Program Development Director
Lachlan Franquemont, Ph.D (Neuroscience)

Lach (pronounced like Bach) comes to Firebird with a range of experience. In 2015, he received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Brown University and then spent the next several years trying unsuccessfully to build a start-up company. His deep expertise is in the neural correlates of movement in the brain (dissertation here ) and neurostimulation. He also brings years of sobriety and work on his personal recovery to the table. 2017 was a challenging year for Lach, starting with the company he founded, Exponential Intelligence ceasing operation early in the year and ending with the passing of his father just after Christmas. He found that the key to dealing with these challenges was increased engagement with his program of recovery, and reliance on his personal conception of a higher power. After relocating to his home state of North Carolina, he decided that his new path would look to incorporate more direct work in the recovery field and he found a home for this at Firebird. He brings to the table over a decade of experience in analysis of quantitative measures, and he looks forward to adapting this to the many dimensions of personal transformation. In addition, his experience with neurostimulation gives Firebird someone with unique tools to help drive that transformation. Lach also has a history that includes being a decorated combat Veteran in the U.S. Army and an award winning abstract expressionist painter.



Primary Recovery Guide
Dave Cutair, PP

Dave Cutair joined the Firebird Family as a member looking to change his life around and make a fresh start here in Asheville. After graduating from West Virginia University in 2012 with a Bachelors in Business Administration – he spent 6 years working as a Sales Representative and Account Manager in his hometown of Baltimore MD. Since making this transformation here at Firebird, Dave has found that purpose and passion for helping others that the Sales job didn’t provide. Dave strongly believes that open-mindedness and vulnerability are keys to recovery, and helping others by trying new things to rebuild their identities.



Mindfulness and Wellness Guide
Anthony Antonecchia, QP

Anthony brings a passion for serving those in recovery with a zest for life to his Yoga, Qi Gong, and Calisthenics classes. Meeting outdoors whenever possible, he builds on teaching that vulnerability is strength through enthusiastic but concise group instruction. Following the meditations and workouts, Anthony helps everyone prepare unique smoothies for the day, packing a nutrition and soul into the time together. 



Culinary Life Arts Program Lead
Dylan Stockman, Owner: StockWild GardensDylan has- by far- the weekly class that gets everyone the most hungry for an in depth examination of how to live a vibrant and healthy life in recovery. Dylan has many years in recovery, is a retired US Army paratrooper, and knows how to hold attention and teach a life skill while making sure everyone has a good time. He teaches a class that not only focuses on the meal itself, but the “Why?” behind the meal. Why eat healthy, why source your materials in this particular way,  and why not have a great time doing it?!  


Music Therapist
Mark Zim Stewart, LMFT LCAS

Bio coming soon! Zim (“Zeem”) has three decades of experience working with our general age range, yet countless ways to bring our inner experience to song. No music experience? No worries. You soon will!


Compassion in Action Teammate
Anamchara “Kara” Stravinsky, FC

Our Team is diverse in species, and with that Anamchara (“Kara”) joins us as our “therapy” cat! Anamchara is the personal variation on the Gaelic Anam Cara, for “Soul Friend,” and that’s who she is to us. She has her own survival story to tell & we’re grateful to a fellow community stakeholder and volunteer partner, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, for bringing us together. She specializes in giving nuzzles, laughter, and peaceful companionship. Her qualifications? Well, let’s go with that singular form of unfiltered, unconditional love that only non-human creatures can so swiftly & compassionately teach. She’s fully certified in that! Also, as part Russian Blue, she produces far less of the alkaloid that produces the feline allergen. In other words, you’re much less likely to have an allergic reaction to her than a typical cat. In so many ways, she’s far from typical! That’s why she’s with us!


We also have a fantastic Advisory Board. We don’t even have to have one, but we feel we should have one, because of what we do.

Additional Supports!

Marsha Ott, CPA: Financial Consultant: Marsha is a life-saving wizard of Quickbooks and laughter.
Paull F. Hubbard, MBA: Business Adviser: Paull (with two Ls) has a lifetime of wisdom with directorship of major international companies, a longtime SCORE volunteer, and having a certain nephew with a wild hair.