Why Firebird Works

Flying Into A New Way Of Life With Firebird Transformations Structured Sober Living

It’s been close to one year since my son became a part of the Firebird family.  The support and guidance he has received has been nothing short of life-changing.  Make that life-saving.  Firebird Transformations offers not only a safe environment for ongoing recovery, but also the coaching and accountability to enable young men to grow, build self esteem, and regain their health.  My son is well on his way to becoming independent.  He now has the confidence to succeed a with a positive attitude and outlook on life.  Firebird Transformations is just that – transformative.
-P, Father

Sober living is what you’ve probably searched for, but we’re so much more than that. We are a comprehensive, progressive and individually-focused structured program situated serenely in the internationally popular city of Asheville in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Our structured sober living curriculum is focused on intensive introspection and group bonding as the first critical Taking off into structured sober living with Firebird Transformationssteps in a purpose-rich life of well being and sobriety. We practice the Twelve Steps in our daily living and in our group work, while observing the latest research in addiction treatment. We believe recovery is not just a phase of healing, but an aspect of complete ongoing change.

Most Members are referred to us from inpatient treatment facilities, primarily in the Southeast, specializing in intervening in the addiction cycle by detoxification (if needed), followed by anywhere from 28-90 days of therapeutic intervention. These men are selected through a rigorous referral process, because ultimately they have to want to be here, and make a conscious choice to live the Firebird way of life. No one is here under court order, or involuntarily. No one can be made to stay or prevented from leaving, as we believe that the informed exercise of choice- even poor choice- can be the greatest teachers.

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