Who We Serve

Firebird Transformations: Growing Out, and Up.
Serving the Stigmatized, to Become Newly Energized.

First, it’s important to know how we come to know our Members and their Families (especially since finding men’s sober living can be challenging!). Many of them are referred directly, via our strong relationships with inpatient programs. These programs vary from therapy/medically driven rehabilitation hospitals, to clinically guided group wilderness programs. Each have their great merits and will serve needs differently. The programs we work with vet us- just as much as we vet them! We’ve had great experiences with those providers who are our primary referrers, and we maintain these consistent relationships for a reason.

There are careful screening processes on both sides as their clients prepare to transition to our level of care. We always (always!) emphasize the necessity of making a solid, mutual, informed choice. Whenever possible, visiting Firebird is preferred- if not by the prospective Member, then by the family and loved ones. As a part of our Values, we strongly advise that multiple programs like ours be visited, and if we’re not a good fit… by all means we’ll strive to help find one! It’s frequent that we get calls from those seeking help and we’ll stay on the phone with them for however long it takes to ensure they find somewhere safe. That’s what this is all about!

We are entering our sixth business year in 2021. We now serve up to 13 Residential and several Continuing Care Members, and will only expand by building up our already existing services- by adding Clinicians and strong Peer Supports. We’ve been tested alright, in every conceivable domain. And as we’ve grown up, we’ve realized what we’re really best at.

Finding Men's Sober Living in Asheville Testimonial

Who is a good fit for Firebird?

We’ve had great success with folks from such varied backgrounds, and we also know that finding men’s sober living can seem tough, especially in Asheville. Since we’ve been around and have gratefully earned the respect of the best treatment centers in the Southeast, we have a bit of a niche population that we know we’re especially good with. BUT, that’s not to say that anyone outside of this niche wouldn’t be a good fit either! Because if we stuck to a small pool of criteria, chances are the march of progress would slow to a crawl. Our CEO’s experience is that heterogeneous groups create the most dynamics for change, with that said certain elements really work… and certain elements really don’t. We absolutely DO NOT discriminate in any way whatsoever, and yet, do not accept those who risk bringing divisive attitudes or conditions into our Family.

  • Men motivated for recovery!
  • Open minded and receptive (it is Asheville, y’all!).
  • The willingness to “go deeper” to explore possibilities beyond the customary substance use disorder diagnosis, to the heart of the Origin Story.
  • Having recently reconsidered their lives in such a way that they feel purpose driven and ready.
  • Must not have a legally disqualifying charge, or a diagnosis which prevents optimal milieu participation
    (please call us for more information).
  • A desire to stay active and learn about nutrition (practice it too!).
  • No specific age range, but most commonly between 20-ish and 45-ish.

We offer a One Week Trial Stay package when we all agree it’s best just to be sure. Please, read over this site in detail, but better yet, give us a call! We can’t fit everything in here (it’s just impossible!) just like a single page can’t describe why you’re the right person for… fill in the blank. We are far more complex and wonderful than words on a page.

Let’s take the time.