Sober Living Aftercare

Sober Living Aftercare, Continuum of Care, & Alumni Services

Sober living aftercare is an essential program element. Ensuring ongoing quality of care through following up also adds to collection of long term data, as we are committed to operating a program that is valid and effective, not just traditional. Remaining in touch is a key part of our Program, regardless of whether a Graduate is enrolled in our Continuum of Care Service or not- maintaining connection is vital in relapse prevention, and that’s what we’re here for! Our commitment to our Graduated Members in recovery doesn’t stop at graduation.

Customized Services Can Include:Sober Living Aftercare

  • “Tune Up” Discounted Brief Residential Return Programs
  • Longitudinal Quality Assurance Surveys (1mo. to 3yr.)
  • Complimentary Lifetime Alumni Programming
  • Spirituality & Mindfulness Bi-Annual Retreats
  • Random Drug/Alcohol Screening
  • Local/National Referral Service
  • Supportive Counseling
  • Sobriety Coaching
  • Family Support

The cost of the CoC sober living aftercare service is variable due to the Member’s individual needs. What’s most important to us is that they remain connected to their “nest” and their families can breathe easier knowing their spread wings are still keenly observed as they learn, to quote the great old song, to “Straighten Up And Fly Right.”

These services are independent of our Step Down Program, which is operated out of Redtail House in West Asheville.