Our Services and Secure Payments Portal

Below you’ll find FIREBIRD’s various services and their associated fees. You’ll quickly see why we offer such a value in price and appropriate, professional care for your loved one.

Importantly, we never want finances to be a barrier to proper care– call us about our pricing structure. We strive to help, and if we aren’t able to “scholarship,” we’ll recommend you to a best-fit collaborator to ensure nothing stands in your way.

We highly recommend avoiding payment via credit card to avoid user fees; please contact us for instructions regarding electronic transfer. However, if you find this method easier and faster, feel free.

To pay a specific amount click here, or we’ll send you an invoice with instructions. If you prefer to be directly invoiced by email, let us know. Our payment processing is via the rigorously secure Wells Fargo platform Payeezy.

Monthly Fees

Please refer to your payment schedule regarding your due date: the 8th, 15th, 22nd, or the 29th of each month.

Members joining us from July 1st-2018 onwards: $2500 unless otherwise arranged!

Members joining us from Jan. 1st 2017- June 30th 2018: $2000.
Note: July 2018 rate is not retroactive!

One Time Fees 

Weekly Fees (special services, don’t add to cart unless invoiced or prearranged)

Miscellaneous/Arbitrary Fees, Products, Etc.

We are charged a 2.9% fee for credit card transactions. We do include that 2.9% fee, effective February 1st 2017, in all of our credit card transactions. However! If this presents a hardship please let us know and we’ll offer you other methods to pay. We are balancing the needs of our young company with our commitment to serving those who need it the most!